Hong Kong based design duo Ed Ng and Terence Ngan of AB Concept have collaborated with Czech manufacturers of contemporary glassware, Lasvit to unveil the FLUX Lamp, which premiered at Salone del Mobile last week.

FLUX, designed to fill the void in a space with mood and warmth, was inspired by the beaming light reflections emitted from waves and traces left by receding tides. Hand-blown in lead crystal and individually shaped around a hand-carved timber, each piece has its own texture and appearance. The clear top of the crystal vessel meets with interior and exterior layers of gold and platinum in organic lines to trap and refract light between the layers, offering a shimmering radiance giving off the illusion of water in motion.

The lamp was born from Ed and Terence’s desire to create an object to echo a bespoke narrative, echoing their spatial design projects whilst drawing upon their fascination of ceramic arts.

Through the six-year partnership, Lasvit has been illuminating the spatial environment that AB Concept creates and FLUX highlights the pairing’s creativity and ingenuity to showcase the finest synergy between East and West.

Price available on request. Please visit www.abconcept.net/b/ for more information.