British designer and manufacturer of architectural LED products acdc, has announced the addition of MINI and MICRO to their PLAZA floodlight range.

The PLAZA family is a range of external floodlight luminaires offering a range of lighting solutions for the illumination of outdoor architectural detail and external areas enhancing the beauty of a space in the hours of darkness. PLAZA MINI and MICRO have been launched as an extension to acdc’s current PLAZA portfolio, giving lighting designers a flexible choice of floodlight luminaire available in a number of configurations which can be precisely matched to the projects requirements.

These miniature floodlights deliver an impressive lumen output package – PLAZA MINI – 600 lumens whilst PLAZA MICRO – 300 lumens in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K from a single light source. The combination of the single light source design and built in internal snoot produces superior shadow quality and provides maximum glare control. A variety of control options are available in both products.

Narrow (12 degrees), Medium (33 degrees) and Flood (45 degrees) optics choices are available in both products. In addition PLAZA MINI includes a new super narrow beam 9 degrees optic to illuminate vertical surfaces with minimal light spill, perfect for highlighting narrow architectural features within columns or pillars, whereas PLAZA MICRO’s 46×11 degree optic gives the designer a full design toolbox when creating the lighting design.
The discreet, compact and minimalist approach to each of these designs means both products offer neutral aesthetics. MICRO (78 mm (h) x 48 mm (w) x 37mm (d) the same height as a standard credit card and MINI (122 mm (h) x 75 mm (w) x 62 mm (d). Both luminaires can be perfectly customised in RAL colour or white, grey and black variants are available as standard options. So whatever the scheme the luminaire seamlessly integrates into the space unseen by day, by night they bring light to life.

The fixing bracket is adjustable from +90 degrees/120 degrees for detailed on-site focusing and a full range of accessories to offer greater flexibility for a number of different application types.

Installation has been designed to be quick and easy via a robust but slim-line IP67 rated cable carrying power and data which can be hidden without any trunking. The PLAZA MINI features an internal junction box which enable’s through wiring, both decreasing contractor installation times with little visual impact on the design. This extra design element allows multiple fixtures to be connected and tuned together, perfect for simple lighting schemes where individual control is not required.

Innovative design, engineering and thermal management combined with efficient LEDs (>90 Lm/W), gives the PLAZA family a lifetime in excess of 50,000hrs. This innovative design and superior quality has established acdc as a global market leader in architectural LED lighting and as with all acdc’s products the new PLAZA additions come with a 5 year guarantee.

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