Lighting can account for up to 50% of a store’s total energy costs, so making the most of this undervalued resource makes sound commercial sense. Sylvania has launched a new interactive guide – ‘A Public Display of Acumen’ – to highlight how lighting can play a significant role in optimising both the customer experience and wider business operations.

Lighting is capable of so much more than simply lighting a store. It can create a positive ambiance, provide a roadmap for the customer’s in-store journey, highlight key products, support compliance, and deliver energy and cost savings. The interactive eBook highlights the importance of display in the new world of retail, the lessons retail can learn from high-end applications such as gallery and museum spaces, the requirement for a more considered approach to smart lighting, the evolution of rip and replace, and the importance of aligning lighting solutions to business drivers.

Richard Turner, Specification Luminaires Business Unit Director for Sylvania, explains: “With the growing strength of the online economy, display environments need to work even harder than ever before if they are to maintain footfall and sales – be that in-store or online. From the subtle use of ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting entrance, to the application of accent lighting to deliver drama and impact for displays, retailers can use a combination of lighting technologies to bring the brand and the store to life for the customer.

“In addition, network connected sensors can easily and affordably be integrated into LED lighting, which is a major thing to consider during a store refit or upgrade. These sensors provide retailers with the ability to better understand the movements of staff and customers in the retail environment. By capturing ‘heat map’ and dwell time data, the retailer has never been so empowered to heighten the customer experience and maximise employee utilisation.

“With a 10% decrease in energy expense having the potential to increase net profit margins by up to 16% in retail environments, it’s time for lighting to rightfully climb the priority list when refurbishments come around and be leveraged to its full commercial potential. The new eBook explains how a more holistic approach to lighting, seeing it as a contributor, rather than a cost, can help retailers to not only enhance the experience of their customers, but importantly, the operation of their business.”

To learn more about how to transform the retail environment, visit the ‘A Public Display of Acumen’ eBook, here: