Airstar, the inventor and world leader in lighting balloon solutions, today announced the launch of its latest lighting solution for the motion picture industry: Cinestar. Boasting a 120° fill light diffusion and an outstanding level of brightness thanks to an embedded LED light source (850W), Cinestar perfectly meets indoor and outdoor lighting set requirements.

Cinestar will be unveiled at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (7-12 April 2018) on Airstar America’s booth C10550, before being presented at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles (31 May – 3 June 2018).

Building on a unique fabric and technical know-how, Airstar has revolutionized cinema lighting since 1994 with solutions of various size, shapes and light sources to meet industry requirements. In 2003, the company received the highest accolade when it was presented with an OSCAR Academy Technical Award® for introducing balloons with internal light sources to provide set lighting for the motion picture industry, a technological advance and achievement that to date, remains fundamental to the film industry. Over the years, Airstar lighting solutions have been trusted for blockbuster releases such as Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mission Impossible to name a few.

Commenting on the new product, Airstar’s sales manager Xavier Ponson enthuses: “Cinestar perfectly meets the modern needs of cinema, broadcast and advertising professionals who are looking for flexibility and efficiency. This product sets itself apart from the competition thanks to a 120° opening with 50% of the total illumination, its weatherproof feature which makes it perfect for outdoor use, and its circular shape offers beautiful reflections. It is therefore ideal for lighting up movies, advertising, TV shows and professional shoots.”

Like all other products from Airstar’s cinema range, Cinestar combines fast set up (just 15 minutes) and high mobility (only 12kg for 160cm in diameter), as well as an even and non-glaring light. The product is air-inflated and mounted on a tripod, making it ideal for lighting requirements in cramped or limited spaces.

Cinestar is Airstar’s first cinema-dedicated lighting balloon equipped with LED technology, offering a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. Building on the company’s successful “Dynamic White” technology found in its event staging range, Cinestar offers colour temperatures that can be instantly tailored from “warm” (2,700K) to “cold” (6,500K) thanks to its control box and user-friendly approach.

Cinestar also boasts a high colour rendering index (Ra>96), an average efficiency of 4.4000K at 93 lm/W as well as a 5-pin DMX connection.

The Cinestar lighting balloons are able to operate from 90V to 260V (50-60Hz) without producing any noise (0dB when using remote power). Thanks to its flicker-free technology (31 kHz), Cinestar also prevents eye fatigue and discomfort while simultaneously improving the quality of the shoot.

Cinestar will be shipping at Q2 2018.