Alice Tedesco, is an interior designer with a passion for light and lighting installations in projects. From her award winning table design to ExMoon lighting used in a hospitality project called BellaVista.

ExMoon Lights
In the main restaurant of the BellaVista café in Sicily, Alice Tedesco chose ExMoon lights created by In-ES ArtDesign. These moon replica lights add a sparkle of magic to the restaurant and the glass walls create reflections multiplying the moons in the room.

The complimenting moonlights and the beach make for an enchanted collaboration of beach meets moon. Alice Tedesco, creates a further lighting installation to complement the moons by using an installation of 150 LED lights in the adjoining Aperitif café opposite. The lights all hang at 7-different heights created by a local team of electricians and artisans, supported by a aluminium rail, the lights look like the audience below can look up to the heavens. The lighting installations of the two rooms communication to each other at dusk and Alice Tedesco finished off the lighting features with bubbles of light on the beach.

Award winning Alice Tedesco, won an A’Design Award in Lighting Products and Lighting projects Design Category by the International Design Academy. An innovative table that doubles up as a light, the sFrame was designed by Alice as a solution to the light pollution typical of the outdoor food activities of the Sicilian culture. The sFrame fuses together a functional table with style…