Asco Lights took a completely different approach with this project as it was all about the journey. With the use of colour tuneable Occhio Mito’s, which ensured the clients felt calm and relaxed, this was very important to achieve. At each different point of the process, their emotions were carefully considered, to guarantee an enjoyable time at the KLNIK.

Their expert knowledge allowed them to create a journey for the clients using carefully selected lighting in the building, to lead them from the reception, to treatment rooms and into relaxation areas. Aesthetic procedures can make people feel anxious and stressed, especially in an unknown setting. Asco Lights’ lighting solutions meant the environment gave them a calming effect which helps to reduce nerves and create a sense of tranquillity.

The building also showcases a ‘living’ wall, which is made up of different plants and flowers. This wall is lit up with downlights and the Occhio Mito’s themselves, effectively catching your eyes as soon as you walk in. The LED coving around the hallways and corridors leads clients to the treatment rooms.