It’s clear to see why the “At Sea” restaurant in Dronten, Netherlands, won the Best Lighting Application award at Crestron’s recent 10th Integration Awards. Sitting in a unique, waterfront location, the stunning restaurant boasts unspoilt sunset views, authentic local food and faultless interior design that is perfectly integrated with Crestron technology.
Every element of this unique restaurant has been thoughtfully created, with its location at the forefront of the design process. The Crestron-controlled lighting scheme has been designed to transport the diner into an ocean realm of splendour; it’s the epitome of coastal dining. With sanded natural wood flooring, a stunning stained glass window which beautifully spills natural light, blue wooden clad walls that mirror those of a beach hut and solid reclaimed wood tables which emulate the appearance of driftwood.
A team from acclaimed Crestron integrator, Morelight, welcomed the exciting challenge of designing and installing an innovative lighting control solution to perfectly complement the inventive and contemporary interior design.
Ben van de Bunt, Creative director, at Morelight commented: “We were absolutely delighted to be asked to help with this innovative project and knew that by using Crestron products alongside our creative lighting design we would be able to achieve a brilliant combination of creativity and technology.”
They skilfully utilised the natural light available within the space and seamlessly complemented it with an inspiringly creative light scheme. Thanks to Crestron’s DINAP3 processor, efficient control of all track, pendant, LED strip and wall lights, are managed, with a number of scenes pre-programmed into the system. The tuneable luminaires are thus controlled to imitate the changing tones and colours of the sunset, and the system also cleverly embraces the natural light occurring outside within the restaurant interior. In doing this, the experience of dining in this stunning restaurant evokes a feeling of being effortlessly in tune with its coastal surroundings.
Dimmable pendant lights suspend from the ceiling and can be adjusted to accompany the rest of the lighting scheme, along with the wall lighting.
A total of 64 fixtures were installed into the space and with Crestron technology, each can be regulated to suit every occasion and with only one touch of the predetermined settings. To suit the interior style of the Restaurant, Morelight has installed the space-saving TSW752 touch screen control panel featuring a clean, contemporary appearance with edge-to-edge glass and advanced high-definition Smart Graphics™.

On completion of the lighting installation, restaurant owner Janine commented: “We could not be more thrilled with the lighting features that Morelight installed within the restaurant. They perfectly complement the design and really complete the space.” She continued, “The Crestron control panels are so incredibly easy to use and the ability to manipulate the light in order to mirror the sunset really is a very special addition”
This award-winning project is a wonderful example of a successful fusion of creative design and Crestron technology within a commercial environment.