The Bull Hotel in Buckinghamshire, needed to soften the lighting within hotel surroundings, and create a more relaxed ambience within their public areas, including the bar and dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Franklite were very excited to assist with the vision of this project and were able to offer a subtle yet contemporary solution with classic fittings and bespoke shades, which transformed the hotels pre-existing lighting by providing uniform illumination to the hotel and surrounding areas.

Lighting is key for any interior design project as it enhances the appeal to the surrounding décor and creates the mood and ambiance of a living space. Franklite’s ideas were able to illuminate the room creating a safe and comfortable environment whilst adding style to the interior décor.

With the hotel’s classic interior design of mahogany and deep red accessories, Franklite came up with a few suggestions that would complement the bar to its fullest potential; The visual aesthetics of the space were transformed purely by using dimmable LED lamps and introducing different shades with colour, to help soften the light.

After narrowing down the potentials of over 80 cotton, linen and silk swatches, it was finally settled upon a cream chic cotton shade, highlighting the bars sleek lines. Franklite’s Woburn range also offers full emergency functionality.

Buckinghamshire based Franklite has manufactured and distributed decorative lighting products from their purpose-built premises for over 45 years. They are renowned, both in the U.K. and abroad, for the quality and versatility of their lighting; a reputation built on using only the finest components in the manufacturing process.

Franklite is able to offer bespoke LED lighting solutions for commercial projects, ensuring your designs are lights years ahead by adding the ‘Spectacular and WOW’ factor.