Interconnection and automation specialist WAGO is on the hunt for unusual installations across the UK and Ireland utilising the company’s 221 Series lever connector.

Qualified electricians and trade professionals are invited to submit the details of any projects they have worked on that utilise the connector, particularly those in which it has been used in unusual or creative ways, or in notable locations. The four winning entries will each receive £500 worth of WAGO equipment, and one of four holographic glass trophies. WAGO will also hold a special celebration event to honour the winners.

The 221 is known to have been used in a wide range of building projects, from residential properties, schools and hospitals to castles, museums and football stadia.. However, once installed, the connector often remains hidden from view inside cabinets and junction boxes. WAGO is therefore hoping to find and celebrate the interesting locations and applications where the 221 is used, and reward the installers who use it.

WAGO has meanwhile enlisted the help of legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street to help them hunt down potential winners. Mr Holmes will be appearing at the remaining ELEX shows of 2018, where he can be spotted searching for clues, handing out leaflets, and giving away prizes on the stand.

The connectors are used in a diverse range of applications for connecting solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors from 0.14 to 6 mm2. Rather than using screws like traditional connectors, installers can open a lever, insert a stripped conductor and then close the lever. Once closed, the connector’s spring mechanism applies the optimum amount of force to the conductor to keep it secure without damaging it. The 221 is up to 50 percent quicker to install compared to screw connectors, saving vast amounts of wiring time.

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