I’ve mentioned a few times over the past few months the need for a lighting designer to be much more involved with the planning of a space. I’ve received many good comments from architects and developers who feel that lighting is not considered as important as it should be. I don’t know if it’s just being left off the schedule, or whether the electrical engineer and electrician are saying they can do it, but it isn’t being prioritised the way I believe it should.

We all recognise that electricians are great at doing their job, but that doesn’t mean they can create the right feelings or atmospheres needed with light. Architects have expressed a wish that this could change and that lighting design should be considered much earlier on, even before planning. This would give the client a real image of what the building will look like both in the day and at night. It will also give planners and the authorities a real vision of the space and how it will impact on the surrounding area.

Large architectural practices are now employing full time lighting designers, and while I am not suggesting each practice should have their own, I thought I would try and help architects and their clients. So, on 1st October 2017, I am launching a new type of service to provide lighting design services to architects, clients and consulting and engineering companies. This service will be a consultancy lighting design service, which will create an overall impression of the lighting before any plans go to the planning authorities. I will work from architects’ plans and have discussions with clients to determine what style the lighting should be. I’ll produce images that illustrate how the building will look when lit, which can be included with the planning package.

This will enable architects, clients and planners to see a more realistic view of the building/project and how the lighting will impact on the surrounding area – along with a description of the lighting style and the visual mood that the design is aiming for. This information will enable to planners to look at the submission and know that attention has been paid to the look of the lighting.

The costs of this service will be affordable and I am offering a further incentive by offering a 50% credit of the fee paid, against the full lighting design, which would be following planning. Therefore, if a full lighting design is ordered, 50% of the consultancy fee will be credited towards the order cost. This offer will be in place from the 1st of October 2017 to the 1st of January 2018, and any projects registered within these dates will be able to claim the credit. I can operate this service on a worldwide basis as these services can be provided remotely.
Lighting has become very important in all new and redevelopment projects and now is the time to act and get the right lighting design in place – making it the best for your clients.

Please contact me to get discuss your project and achieve the right lighting design.

Email your requirements to chris@chriswattslightingdesign.com to start the process and know your space will have the right lighting for you and your clients – in line with your design vision.