The Bristol-based lighting specialist welcomes former Wessex Water energy specialist David Lakey to the team.

Bristol’s leading specialist lighting designers and consultants, the family-owned Connected Light has made an important addition to the team as it plans for a busy 2018.

Speaking about the company’s new recruit Tony Ludlow, Director at Connected Light commented: “We’re excited to welcome David Lakey to the team to work closely alongside us as a Business Developer. David has now been with the company for a couple of months and having had his induction, is getting to know suppliers and working on key projects.”

David, who formerly worked in the energy team at Wessex Water, is keen to grab the opportunities this new position offers, “While I was at Wessex Water I worked on a lot of projects, with particular emphasis on saving money through equipment or lighting upgrades. I was astounded by the savings made possible by switching from older [tech] lighting to new LEDs; savings which were often in the thousands of pounds.

“My earlier jobs working in energy consultancy and construction had already developed my energy focus, and my time at Wessex really opened my eyes to the possibilities. So, when the opportunity came, I grabbed my chance to take my ‘energy head’ and experience as a customer, to the consultancy and design space. I am really excited at getting involved in the architectural and cultural projects Connected Light is known for, and understanding more about the influence light has on users and visitors when they are in a space.”

David, who studied environmental science at Plymouth University, is passionate about the energy message: about changing infrastructure, helping clients make savings, enabling behavior change and public engagement. He sees smart energy as, “a no-brainer – switching off lights is key behavior change and a quick win, but customers can guarantee savings by integrating sensors and controls when upgrading lighting and Connected Light can help them get there.”