More people are installing next-generation technology in their homes, a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the lighting industry.

It’s an incredibly innovative, yet deceptively simple idea, the reality of which enables people to control many aspects of their home via the internet and their smart phones, and is set to revolutionise the way we manage our lives. But how many lighting consumers actually know about it?

One of the UK’s highest-ranking LED lighting companies has authored a report that seeks to provide the lighting market with answers to this and many other pertinent questions.

Of the 1,503 questioned, 93.75% reported that they were not aware of the latest technologies in lighting. Given the survey’s size, this figure extrapolated means that 60 million of the 64 million people currently living in the UK are completely ignorant about next-generation home technology – an alarmingly large number for the lighting market to address.

This appears to explain why this type of technology has yet to reach its peak number of adopters, despite the considerable length of time that it has been available on the open market.

The lack of knowledge displayed in this figure could be attributed to the fact that news articles giving information about developments in smart lighting technology are not generally published on high-reach platforms or in widely-read publications.

To rectify this situation will require the lighting industry to produce a great deal more, interesting and consumer-friendly information on the subject and to distribute it carefully in places where it will achieve maximum exposure.

The remaining 6.25% of respondents stated that they are aware of next-generation home lighting technology, however this isn’t to say they employ it in their homes.

Given that the Wholesale LED Lights survey’s other findings which identify that, generally, consumers are well-versed as regards the many new innovations in lighting it is surprising that this one doesn’t appear to have filtered down to market level.

The report, which includes data extracted from a sample of 2,824 respondents and from 8,200 customer orders, is of such a size that it can be considered representative of the light-buying UK public as a whole, so why not check it out in its entirety today?