The advent of LED has revolutionised many aspects of the lighting industry, not least the need for constant maintenance of luminaires with lamp changing in fluorescent and HID luminaires rapidly becoming a thing of the past resulting in significant cost savings for estate maintenance. Battery technology has however lagged behind LED development, as a result of which emergency luminaires have remained high maintenance products which may potentially require several battery changes over their lifetime resulting in significant cost, not to mention the environmental cost of battery disposal.

Designed to complement mains operated luminaires, the Dextra LED4 is a standalone non maintained emergency luminaire and is available in standard, self test and autotest emergency variants. All luminaires are supplied complete with a range of easily changed lenses for open area, escape route and spot applications ensuring that a single luminaire can be installed across any project and the lenses changed as and when required to provide the required light distribution.

The Dextra LED 4 also incorporates Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, this battery provides excellent energy density and lifetime with far superior stability than Lithium Ion ensuring peace of mind in safety critical applications such as emergency lighting. The LED 4 is supplied with a three year battery warranty and offers greatly extended lifetime when compared to Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium battery technologies, reducing maintenance costs over lifetime and improving the reliability of your emergency installation.