About this project

Located at only 25min from SKB Airport, Park Hyatt in St Kitts, is not only a resort different to any other in the chain, it is also the first Park Hyatt in the Caribbean. In the words of Luxury travel: it “goes out of its way to impart a sense of the destination into the experience of staying there”

Park Hyatt St. Kitts offers scenic views to Mt. Nevis, it also offers all the beauty and majesty of the Caribbean turquoise sea and soft sandy beaches. It is home to a vast variety of flora and it is even area for turtle nesting. The project expanse over a large, yet very well preserved inhabited area of the island, where at night beautiful dark skies full with sparkling stars can be appreciated.

It offers 8 F&B units which cater fantastic menus and a variety of drinks, featuring local seafood and ingredients. The Miraval Life in Balance Spa (over 3000sqm), is also the only one in the Caribbean, offering treatments with Kittitian brown sugar and salts.

The resort offers the vibrant but zen ambience of modern Caribbean, with elements reminiscent of its traditional architecture.

Each single guestroom is privileged with the majestic view to the sea and Mt. Nevis. They’re the perfect combination of contemporary architecture, with timeless colonial feel. A place to be immersed with all your senses, to discover the beauty natural sights and delight in fine dining experience.

Why is the lighting amazing?

The landscape is unique, being a turtle nesting site and an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our design responds to this and is a dark environment to promote the preservation of nature. Being a turtle nesting site puts strict limits on lighting, allowing only specific colour temperatures and light levels to prevent misdirecting turtles away from the sea. Additionally, part of our concept was to preserve the natural beauty, allow star-gazing, making any external lighting very difficult.

In general exterior lighting is absolutely minimal and we have lit the extensive winding pathways through the resort only at focal points and at changes of level. Lighting acts as a series of beacons leading you on rather than a general wash.
We have allowed minimal accent lighting: highlighting stone/timber work on key building’s facades, and only few trees in key locations.
The Lagoon pools are lit only with fibre optics at the base of the pool, mimicking starlight and allowing stargazing from the water.

Much of the lighting is handheld lanterns which can be moved around to accommodate guests needs – for example as the bar terrace fills up, more can be added. This allows us to keep the lighting to an absolute minimum.

Some technical aspects that challenged the project were combining the requirement for precise control optics and shielding, and to do this with the stringent IP and chemical resistance ratings for the combination of the mix of treated pools and saline water.

It required lots of coordination between all parties. All the lighting fixtures and components had to be imported to the island from one location primarily to avoid the excessive costs of imports and delays of transport time.

The interior lighting proposed for each individual building proposed simple details to enhance the architectural features providing soft indirect lighting.

The architecture was designed to look like an old plantation building with stone walls and solid beams, and lighting enhances this. Visible fittings are all themed to this look, but most of the actual lighting comes from hidden luminaires. These accent lights with controlled beam optics offer drama by providing pools of light to direct guests to their destination, and also to highlight objects of interests like artwork. Each area was designed carefully, in some cases we required customised spotlights, like Orluna’s surface mounted spotlight to be track mounted in order to keep consistency in transitional spaces from indoor, verandas and terraces.