Dreamwave Events, a wedding and events management company based in East Anglia, was struggling to find an off-the-shelf pendant socket to enable festoon lights to be suspended from elevated roofs, marquee ceilings and beams.

Demand for the latest wedding lighting trend of creating the ‘industrial’ look was growing, and the firm needed a ready-made solution, rather than being forced to make their own connectable cables and rigging. The company approached lighting specialist, Festive Lights, to develop a range of accessories that would make it easy to hang festoon bulbs at varied heights.

Having been a Festive Lights customer for six years, Dreamwave Events has often provided feedback to assist with product development. The firm has also tested products new to the market, including the pioneering range of dimmable festoon bulbs. The pendant accessory was created, with 0.5m, 1m and 2m length options, in response to Dreamwave Events’ requirements, making it simple to create an industrial aesthetic in a variety of settings.

The pendants were developed with a black braided cord, to enhance the appearance and to create a unique, retro look when combined with vintage festoon bulbs. Dreamwave Events has since used the new product at ten weddings in the last six months, whilst stocking 300 festoon pendants in a variety of lengths.

Dave Drane, co-director of Dreamwave Events, said, “Festive Lights provided us with a solution that met our exact needs. It’s great to be able to contribute at the product development stage and highlight gaps in the market.

“The pendants look fantastic as a backdrop or as a feature throughout the room. We recently used them to create a ‘Hogwarts’ style effect, with the lights suspended above long wooden tables. The client was delighted with the finished result.”

Launched in 2017, the festoon pendants are now proving popular, not only for events and weddings, but also for permanent installations in pubs, restaurants, cafés and domestic settings. Compatible with all E27 sockets, the dropper can also be used with Festive Lights’ range of E27 FestoonPro belts and accessories.

Visit www.festive-lights.com and www.dreamwavelighting.co.uk to see examples of the revolutionary new range in use.