Since its launch six months ago the Solar Sensor LED light from Bright Spark Solar has proved to be extremely popular with home owners and businesses alike.

A business in Hampshire which stocks the new solar light has been so impressed with the product that they have chosen to use it to light up their own premises’ signage.

APM Supplies of Stockbridge has found the Solar Sensor LED light to be almost the perfect product, Jim Liddiard, Retail Manager commenting, “The lights are self-selling on the counter with customers getting the benefits instantly. The solar lighting is free, and with no wiring and no need for an expensive electrician, it’s an immediate fix which they love.” He adds, “Controlled by a PIR sensor, the solar lights can switch on for 30 seconds up to 350 times from a full charge, and this impresses everyone. All who have bought them are full of praise and often come back for more!”

As established agricultural merchants, APM Supplies offers all manner of products from farm equipment and building supplies to tools, electrical and cleaning materials. Typical customers for the Solar Sensor LED light are home owners looking to light their sheds, building sites wanting security lighting, through to those with livestock who need light to feed their animals in the early hours of the morning.

The Solar Sensor LED light is robust and fully weatherproof and provides some powerful lighting using free solar energy. This new generation of solar lighting provides more light for longer. The Solar Sensor LED Light has a crystalline solar panel which charges an integrated lithium-ion battery in just 9 hours of bright sunlight, which in turns provides five nights of light from the low wattage LED floodlight. This floodlight uses 44 Superbright LEDs to provide no less than 1,000 lumens of powerful light.

The lighting package has so many applications as there is no need for wiring, no need for digging trenches or laying potentially dangerous power cables and the electricity is free from the solar panel. It is also extremely easy to install with just two screws to secure the solar panel bracket and two screws to fit the floodlight to a wall. Around the home, it is ideal for paths, drives, gardens, garages and sheds. In a business setting it is perfect for car parks, outside offices, on building sites, for hotels and almost limitless commercial settings. It is also just the product for farms, barns, and agricultural buildings which are very often remote and off-grid with no mains electricity.

The Solar Sensor LED Light is fitted with a sensitive PIR motion sensor which detects movement up to 5 metres away and in a 120° field. This triggers the floodlight to come on with 1,000 lumens, equivalent to a 120W light bulb, but returning to a light-saving mode of 100 lumens when activity is no longer detected after 30 seconds.

The Solar Sensor LED Light is literally ready to plug and play. The 3.5 metre cable provided allows the solar panel to be mounted some way from the LED floodlight into which it is plugged. The solar panel is mounted in a bright unshaded position for maximum charging from daylight. Made from aluminium alloy with a toughened glass lens, the LED floodlight is fully weatherproof to IP65 and measures 24 x 12 x 9cms, with the solar panel measuring just 27 x 18 x 2cms.

The Solar Sensor LED Light retails at £79 plus VAT.

Further information on the Solar Sensor LED Light is available from Bright Spark Solar on 01628 637111 or 07968-751574, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at