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Glare Free and highly efficient indirect light, with excellent uniformity and beam angles of 80° and 130°, offering 105 lm/w direct to source, excellent for use in indoor sports halls, gymnasiums, warehouse applications, from 130w up to 500w availabe, sensor option on request.

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The Meltron Road & Street Lighting System provides superior lighting quality for road and street lighting on a global scale, by utilizing extremely precise and unique patented nano-structural Diffractive Optics (DO). The optics have been designed with EN- and IESNA road lighting standards in mind.

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The modular Meltron EX Lighting System provides ultimate safety to people working in the most demanding industrial environments, such as oil and gas refineries, mining industries, and other industries requiring the best in safety.

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Optimal LED lighting for eco-friendly industrial sites 145 lm/W provides outstanding light efficiency. It’s light weight makes for easy installation and outstanding savings. Wattage options of 70W, 90W, 100W and 130W.