Halifax based Lumilow Lighting is celebrating the achievements of valued team member Sophie Cox, who has successfully completed her apprenticeship with the firm.

Sophie handles customer service enquiries at Lumilow Lighting and works to make sure the company’s procedures are up to date. The apprenticeship scheme is part of Lumilow’s strong commitment to investing in its staff.

“The Directors of Lumilow Lighting formed the business after becoming increasingly frustrated with cheap and substandard lighting products being sold onto the UK market,” begins Andy Chell.

“But we are equally frustrated by poor and substandard employee practice in the UK. Recent news on zero hours contracts and the scandal they represent confirms, in some areas, the poor state of the country’s record on respectful employment.

“We are changing this. By working with our young employees on apprenticeships, we are helping our own business of course. But we also supply and nurture the next generation of UK talent, and we’re helping deliver sustainability too.”

Continued Investment

Lumilow is continuing to invest in Sophie, by funding a day release course at college next year for her to gain an AAT qualification: the first step to becoming an accountant.

“Our commitment to our staff is part of our charter of standards called ‘The Lumilow Logic’, which aims to provide customers with the best experience and outcomes possible,” says Andy Chell, Managing Director. “We know our employees play a vital role in achieving customer satisfaction. When staff are happy, engaged and invested in, customer experience improves.”

To date, Lumilow has invested £50,000 to make the companies offices a pleasant and inspirational working environment for the growing number of staff. Features include attractive and open breakout areas, encouraging idea-sharing and collaboration. Team games like Subbuteo and Scalextric provide respite, and staff are encouraged to leave their desks at lunchtimes.

“We also offer a generous training budget to all employees. The open and approachable culture allows staff to discuss their development needs with managers and put forward suggestions for further training,” says Chell.

Investment in people and the future

“Lumilow prides itself on being a ‘market educator’, to empower its customers to make informed choices, and to push the industry for better standards, transparency and accountability,” says Chell.

“We believe the same is true of staff. We can educate and inform the UK as a whole to do better for its staff by shining a guiding light on best practice. I am truly proud of Sophie’s achievements; and the work the company does to support her.”