LightPro, a just launched skills marketplace, is all set to revolutionize the global lighting industry. This online destination will function as a central location to hire lighting professionals from many different categories for a reasonable price.

LightPro is pleased to announce the launch of their new skills marketplace that has been designed to connect the lighting industry professionals to their prospective clients like never before. With tons of unique features, LightPro promises to revolutionize the way the lighting industry operates, by bringing the global workforce within the reach of the general consumers. This freelance marketplace will also allow the talented lighting professionals to find projects that match their expertise. Official sources reveal that over one hundred industry professionals have already joined LightPro.

The global lighting industry has experienced tremendous progress in the recent years with many local businesses offering a wide range of services including lighting designs, electrical planning, stage lighting, luminaire design, and much more. However, these services are often beyond the means of the common users because of their premium pricing. Moreover, the global lighting industry is yet to evolve into an online industry. LightPro was created to make these services available to everyone at a fair price, and help lighting experts extend their reach by providing them access to a prospective global clientele.

People looking to hire lighting professionals will now be able to post their jobs in LightPro, and the freelance professionals will be able to place their bid on projects that match their specific skill set. After comparing different bids, the client can opt for the professional of his/her choice. The entire project cost is held in escrow by LightPro, and is released only after the approval of the work by the client. LightPro charges a nominal service fee of 10% of the project cost. LightPro will also be a unique online community offering specific industry related content for the entire industry, including the manufacturers, resellers, designers and software vendors.

LightPro is the brainchild of Daniel Montagnese and Lachlan Scott, two motivated business development professionals with the experience of handling key positions in a multinational lighting firm. Highlighting their vision behind creating LightPro, Lachlan said, “Currently there is no major online community for the lighting industry, and it is our vision to establish one that will be beneficial to all stakeholders. LightPro will be a place for the Lighting Industry to call home.”

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