IDEA approaches each project with the goal of creating an architectural lighting design that highlights and preserves the innate style, ambiance and design elements of that particular space. The in-depth knowledge and experience enables IDEA to shape and alter light as if it were a tangible material. From avoiding issues of blinding or unnecessary light reflections, to engineering unique lighting alternatives, we are able to address the endless challenges and needs that might arise within different architectural spaces and designs. IDEA’s expertise results in functional, comfortable and innovative lighting solutions that have benefit for both the client and those who will later enjoy the space.

Mr. Gabi Stern – M.A. Arch. (PLDA) specializes in Sustainable Architecture and Architecture Lighting Design in changeable scaled projects. His knowledge of sun lighting advances his sustainable approach. Working on construction areas since he was 16, he can translate and adopt the design with clients’ dreams in practical smart light solutions.
Stern has signed sustainable projects according to the LEED Standard Association Stamps; He works on the appropriate lighting design and is a “Green” Advisor in various projects.

Ms. Dorit Malin- (ICOM – IALD/PLDA Educator) a PLDR Award for Global Architecture Lighting Design Education work winner, for exceptional personal Pioneering work (PLDC Rome 2015). Have BFA& MFA Studies of Stage Design and Theatre Production Management with Fine Art Teaching Diploma and skills. She has Long experience of lighting managing, teaching and creating at Art Schools and Colleges including Theater and Dance, Stage Lighting practice. Malin is involved in various Light Art installations with particular expertise in Lighting Design for Museums Conservation and an experienced designer in Urban Lighting Design as part of the urban environment.


Architect: Malka Architects

Architectural Lighting Design: IDEA – Gabi Stern & Dorit Malin

Pictures: Itay Sikolsky

La Cappella hotel is a business boutique hotel that was opened this year in Haifa-Israel.
The hotel focuses on business hosting and as such, is a unique boutique hotel in the city.
Located inside Castra, an art and business center,the hotel has a business lounge, a conference hall, a gym and a sky deck from which it is possible to view on the coast of Haifa and its urban landscape.
La Cappella was design in a young and contemporary language.

On entering the lobby, guests are welcomed by a wall constructed of steel grid and tree trunks, which connects with the green and vegetation that features Haifa.

The dominant materials used for in the design are steel, wood and concrete.
The ceilings are open cell which enables to see/not to see the infrastructures above and completes a young and casual atmosphere.

The art concept of the hotel was given to two artists which operates on the international arena:
Shahar Azran – an international photographer that operates in NYC and documents head of states, artists and people from the entertainment industry

Gil Goren – an artist which works and creates in the city. His work deals with Urban Art and is displayed in leading galleries around the world.

The lighting design is tailor made, on low budget and basic systems with no intelligent lighting control. It challenged us in characterization of exact amount of light obtained from light fixtures. In other words, there is no dimming on the project.

We have tried to generate drama between light and shadow, what is necessary to appreciate works of art
Preciseness on implementation details and minimal quantities of light fixtures was a “must” in order to maintain the budget.

The lighting design is minimalistic and emphasis lifetime of products.
The quality of light which fits the finishing materials, social and cultural demand of the area in which we live in, is 3000K CRI90.