East Anglian events company, Dreamwave Events, has been a Festive Lights customer for over six years and specialises in providing décor, lighting and entertainment solutions for weddings and occasions across the UK.

In 2016, Festive Lights approached the company for feedback on a pioneering new product – dimmable festoon bulbs. Designed to offer the same aesthetic appeal as traditional filament bulbs, but with reduced energy consumption, the LED light bulbs featuring 4W and 320 lumen output had to be put to the test in real world settings prior to launch.

The opportunity to collaborate was welcomed by Dreamwave Events, as the product would offer a multitude of benefits, from cost-saving to the versatility of lighting effects they could create. The company already stocked over 2km of festoon belts and 3km of fairy lights, but the new concept was an exciting proposition for the firm, giving them the chance to adjust light levels at the hundreds of events they organise each year.

Dave Drane, co-director of Dreamwave Events, said, “Festive Lights has taken its forward-thinking approach to customer feedback to the next level. By including our input during the product development phase, we knew that the end result would not only meet our needs as a supplier, but could help make our customers’ dreams come true in terms of the variety of atmospheres we could create at each venue.

“The dimmable LED festoon bulbs have the same colour temperature as traditional bulbs , with their vintage tinted glass and filament style. The fact that they are available in a variety of shapes is also brilliant for us, as it helps us to keep up with wedding trends in terms of décor – from contemporary to traditional.”

Launched in 2017, the fully dimmable festoon bulbs are now proving popular, not only for events and weddings, but also for permanent installations in pubs, restaurants, cafés and domestic settings. Dreamwave Events invested in over 250 bulbs, with plans to purchase more in the run up to the busy festive period.

Visit www.festive-lights.com and www.dreamwavelighting.co.uk to see examples of the revolutionary new range in use.