Get your LED PCB design in check with Forge
Smart PCB design is fundamental to keeping costs down, quality high, and assembly as simple as possible.

Elevate workplace interiors with decorative lighting
A workplace’s design can say a lot about the company. It can be used to reflect the brand’s image and demonstrate how much the business cares about making good first…

Why Lighting Controls Are Crucial to Reimagining Retail
The bricks and mortar of retail has taken a battering in recent times, but innovative lighting controls can help to reimagine this industry, explains Phil McBrown, Area Sales Manager at…

The great outdoors – lighting the way to smart city networks….
The focus for smart lighting is shifting from interior to exterior and the outdoor lighting industry is ready to flick the switch. Martin Allcock, CP Electronics’ OEM Sales Manager, looks…

Maintained schools should take advantage of £15m funding for energy projects – before December deadline
Energys Group is urging maintained schools to take advantage of £15 million of funding for energy efficiency projects made available through Salix and the Department for Education.

Lighting efficiency should be at the heart of any serious envionmental policy

Is poor lighting putting your workforce’s health at risk?

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality…

More than half of Britons unaware of bathroom lighting safety regulations
Many domestic bathrooms could have potentially fatal lighting setups due to the public’s lack of awareness of safety regulations, research shows.

How to save 79% on new Led lighting installations
The incentive to install energy-saving LED lighting has never been greater, with companies being able in some cases to potentially gain a discount of 79% of the total installation cost,…

Why Modular Buildings and Lighting Controls Are A Class Act
As class sizes reach all-time highs and budgets keep shrinking, Martyn Frear, Business Development Manager at CP Electronics, explains why modular buildings and lighting controls can ease the squeeze on…

Summer Savings with Energy Controls
With longer days and warmer temperatures comes the need for better energy management, and clever energy controls are the key, says Mike Brooks, Marketing Manager at CP Electronics.

How businesses can generate Instagram-attention with decorative lighting
Instagram has become a marketing hot-spot for companies due to the rise of social media influencers. However, businesses don’t have to splurge on sponsored content to benefit from the promotional…

Considerations behind creating successful bespoke projects
Creating the Chelsom lighting collections which we launch every two years with a new catalogue and website is of course challenging but to us it’s also a great joy. Within…

Sea Vision The Global Leader in Underwater Lighting supplied and fitted by Timage
Sea Vision didn't just pioneer the underwater lighting craze, they changed the way people illuminate their boats around the world.

Forge – Get your thermals sorted
Long-lasting LED solutions require superb thermal design – Forge ensures the thermal design is a fundamental design process for every LED solution they manufacture

Don’t use harsh white lighting in the garden, experts warn
Harsher colours such as blue or white should be avoided when planning outdoor lighting, design experts have agreed. Warmer colours work better and are more natural, while harsh whites and…

Shoppers ‘still drawn to illuminated signs’
In this age of information overload, it seems neon still maintains its ability to turn heads after research shows almost two-thirds of shoppers are most attracted by this style of…

Lighting Controls and Modular Buildings – The Cure to the Ailing Healthcare Sector?
The fast-growing practice of modular building, paired with increasingly versatile, intelligent lighting control solutions, can bring huge benefits to the healthcare services, explains Martyn Frear, Business Development Manager at CP…

Seletronic leading the way with LED optical lens design
Optical design increasingly plays an important role in LED imaging and non-imaging applications - and UK opto-electronic experts Selectronic have just the team to help solve your company’s requirements. Witney,…

Why Quality Matters: Driving Customer Loyalty For Garage Owners With OSRAM OE Halogen and Xenon Automotive Bulbs
You know the problem: you supplied and fitted non-OE bulbs to your customer car and not long afterwards, they are back complaining that the bulbs have dimmed or are no…

Aubrilam – Space comes alive
Aubrilam makes space alive by enhancing its true identity and personality.

Brighten up! Effective lighting control systems could be the key to improving the wellbeing of your staff.
Are feelings of lethargy, despondency and irritability at work familiar? These traits are commonplace in offices, classrooms and lecture theatres across the country and are often the cause of unsuitably…

Why saving a few extra pounds on emergency lighting can be dangerous
When it comes to designing emergency lighting, there are many factors to consider. Peter Adams, Mackwell’s Central Service & Training Manager explains more.

The secrets to a successful marine project
Sailing the world’s oceans on one of today’s state of the art cruise ships is just as luxurious and flamboyant as it was on one of the great liners from…

Industville lighting up the shopping experience
Whilst the convenience of online shopping is undeniable, nothing beats going into a beautifully designed store and being totally immersed in the shopping experience. Industville are working

The influence of lighting in retail settings
TING IN RETAIL SETTINGS With the rise of online shopping, high-street stores are having to fight even harder to grab the attention of consumers. As well as music, scent and…

Can gathering data really save lives? The modern emergency lighting scheme is becoming intelligent !
Rene Joppi, Commercial Director at Mackwell discusses the challenges we face and opportunities that lie ahead.

Industville lead the way in on-trend Lighting
If it’s Industrial chic you’re after, Industville have you covered. The makers of handcrafted, high-quality industrial style lights have styles to suit all businesses, in all different shapes and finishes.…

Lack of lighting for the vulnerable
After a very noisy evening with fireworks I decided to take a walk in the quiet darkness. It was peaceful yet quite eerie with the lingering mist from earlier. The…

Chelsom – International Expertise
We operate in a truly shrinking world. Very often a single project could be put together from three different continents; the designer may be in LA, the procurement company or…

UK street lighting market to see 17% value growth by 2022
The UK street lighting market has seen steady growth in recent years, driven by substantial LED replacement programmes run by local authorities over the past 5 years or

Overactive security lights a nuisance to neighbours
Over-sensitive security lighting is one of a number of grievances people are voicing about their neighbours’ gardens this summer, research shows.

Henri Juslén, Chief Future Illuminator of Helvar – Lighting up London – Showcasing the best of The Capital Day and Night
People from around the world are coming to London, with cameras and smartphones in hand, ready to share photographs of some of the most spectacular architecture in the world. The…

Biophilic Design – a major trend improving the environment we live and work in
Humans and nature have always been closely linked and this instinctive connection has not changed to this day. Biophilia is a discipline that translates this fact and applies it to…

LED applications are only limited by your imagination
WANT your business or organisation to stand out from the rest? Then Selectronic LED applications are only limited by your imagination - in shopping malls, on video walls and messaging…

Creating the perfect event lighting – Advice from the experts
When planning an event there is one element that can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of the occasion – the lighting.

AMA Research – 44% increase in the UK lighting market between 2013-17
The overall lighting market in the UK was estimated to be worth £2.4 billion in 2017, having increased by 44% since 2013. The key driver for the lighting market is…

UV LEDs the next generation give you the freedom to design almost anything
YOU would be surprised where LEDs help us in our everyday lives - they pop up in water purifying apparatus and printers, in fridges and currency detectors and in air…

Christian Schraft, CEO, Sylvania – The smart switch to connected lighting
Incandescent lighting consumes 75% more energy than their LED alternatives and with 39% of a commercial property’s electricity consumed by lighting , the switch from incandescent to LED remains a…

Tamlite Lighting comments on reports that halogen and CFLs are to be banned in Europe
According to recent media reports, draft updates to Europe’s Ecodesign laws “will see the effective banning of both tungsten halogen and compact fluorescent as light sources by 2020.” A minimum…

LED company bringing light to life
LED Products affecting every aspect of our daily lives are being produced by LED lighting pioneer Waichi through European distributor Selectronic of Witney, Oxfordshire.

Alice Tedesco the Interior Designer who loves to play with light
Alice Tedesco, is an interior designer with a passion for light and lighting installations in projects. From her award winning table design to ExMoon lighting used in a hospitality project…

Liv Johannesson – Arrays of Light at the Barbican
This weekend the Beech Street near the Barbican Centre was closed off for a light show, part of Barbican’s Open Fest event. Tunnel Vision: Array is a collaborative venture where…

Lighting Trends for 2018
Interior lighting is often the finishing touch that entirely transforms a space, and this has never been truer than it is today. With continuous redesigns and developments in lighting technology,…

Luctra – Good light for good work
Work is changing. Stereotypical offices are a thing of the past and home offices are now a part of everyday life in many industries. There is also a rising recognition…

Lighting contractors should demand free WEEE recycling
The rapid transition to LED has seen large scale roll-outs of LED integrated light fittings across the UK.

Recolight – The challenge of recycling LED lamps
The rapid change from fluorescent to LED in the UK market is yet to impact the recycling sector. Work is underway to address the challenges that LED recycling will bring.…

“The lighting industry has never changed as rapidly as now”
Glamox has been operating in the lighting industry for the last 70 years

Lighting Standards Are Meaningless without Interoperability – By Russ Sharer
Solid-state lighting (SSL) is driving innovation in the lighting industry and LEDs are making their way into all facets of lighting for home,

Fulham is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of specialized lighting products. With more than 2,000 active customers worldwide,