Helvar, the lighting intelligence expert, has introduced the 321 Multisensor, a compact, cleverly engineered device that sets a new standard for reach and reliable motion sensitivity in Passive Infrared (PIR) technology. Easy to specify and install, the 321 Multisensor maximises personal comfort and productivity in lighting applications where regular movements may be minimal or slow – such as classrooms and office spaces – but where daylight harvesting, energy saving and automated lighting control are priorities.

Helvar’s 321 Multisensor is a dual function sensor that combines PIR presence detection with an integrated photocell to maintain a ‘constant’ light level in a room or corridor. This capability to detect the movement of a heat-emitting body through its field of vision is an increasingly important energy-saving requirement in DALI lighting control systems. Fully automated operation is achieved by the Multisensor’s photocell measuring the reflected light from the surfaces below it, and then using this data intelligently to adjust luminaire light output in line with the available daylight. It enables the sensor to automatically turn the lights on when a room is occupied, maintain light levels during use, and then switch off when the space is unoccupied.

“All our products are designed to energise human spaces with their best-in-class performance,” says Pietari Tuomisto – Product Owner, Embedded Products at Helvar. “Daylight harvesting and energy efficiency are right at the top of the agenda for electrical designers, contractors and their clients. The 321 Multisensor embraces Helvar’s design excellence with our understanding of real-world lighting applications to deliver an exceptional product for the market that meets these challenges head on.”

The 321 Multisensor balances accuracy, sensitivity and reliability to ensure that fewer sensors are required to cover a target area, extending for 8m×6m at 2.5m installation height. This makes product specification easier and more cost-effective, without compromising on performance. Aesthetically, the 321 Multisensor is also a breakthrough for specifiers, ensuring a discreet, unobtrusive appearance within the ceiling.

It can be installed within a standard 50mm diameter hole and is easily integrated into a DALI system. The sensor requires minimal programming, and all settings can be easily adjusted using Helvar’s Designer or Toolbox software.

Key Features
• Superior performance through high sensitivity and multidirectional coverage
• Accurate occupancy and motion detection over extensive 8m×6m area at 2.5m installation height
• Discreet, in-ceiling aesthetic
• Programmable constant light control for energy efficiency
• 5mA DALI power consumption