A scheme to convert 3,009 streetlights in Thanet to LED all-night lighting starts in April.

Kent County Council began a conversion initiative of 118,000 street lights to energy-efficient (LED) technology back in March 2016.

The project, which began a new roll-out in January, is planned to be completed by May 2019 however last year it hit a funding problem due to the high number of concrete lighting columns, notably on the isle, that needed replacing.

Thanet comprises of 9,931 street lights. Between December 2016 and May 2017 6,922 were changed to the new system.

However 3,009 remained unconverted – and therefore unlit at night – 2,500 of these are concrete column lights and the remainder ornate street lights. All the lights are now to be converted in this second phase of the scheme.