Tryka were approached by Blackwood & Hall Building Services to provide an inspirational RGBW lighting scheme for a high profile business customer.

The Strip Module IP66 was chosen to provide a wash of light within the Reception and Pocket Atrium of KPMG, Canary Wharf. Custom diffused modules with a sandblast finish have been employed to prevent hot-spots and controls are by Pharos with timed events.

The Strip Module system is an essential tool in interior and exterior linear lighting. Available with a range of optics or as a non-optic extrusion, the family of strips in standard sizes of 400mm, 600mm and 1200mm lengths, or further custom measurements, provide an ideal solution for illuminating building facades, walls, coves, windows and more.

The IDS Easy-Link 4 Channel driver has been used to provide individual DMX control to each Strip Module. The ability to link mains in and out was a key factor in the decision making process due to installation time and cost being significantly reduced through minimising the need for spurs or power feed points.

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