After a very noisy evening with fireworks I decided to take a walk in the quiet darkness.
It was peaceful yet quite eerie with the lingering mist from earlier. The smell from the exploding rockets also there.

We live just outside of Basildon in a small village, very quiet and tranquil. The only noises are those of foxes or the rustling of hedgehogs amongst the leaves.

My walk after the fireworks produced two pictures that both my wife and I liked, all be it from sodium lamps, and it does prove that even they can produce stunning effects.

However the problem we do have is the lack of lighting I understand that street lamps are yellow, orange light is cheaper to produce.

Our problem is the lack of lighting and the number of street lights that aren’t working. Nights are now drawing in and so people are walking home in the dark.

My wife works 10 minutes away, which during the day is an easy walk through the woods over a bridge and then work is just the other side. She suffers from fibromyalgia and also doesn’t have the best eye sight. Walking along poorly lit paths and then dark paths has frightened her to the point where I now walk to her so as we can walk home together.

I feel we have a problem with the street lighting we have and wonder when it will be something that is looked at and resolved.

I don’t claim to be a lighting expert, I’m not. I love the industry and enjoy reading and listening to those that are, but is enough being done to make things easier for the vulnerable.

Russell Coombes