WANT your business or organisation to stand out from the rest? Then Selectronic LED applications are only limited by your imagination – in shopping malls, on video walls and messaging displays to sports and entertainment.
For sector leading design and technology, if you want to make a statement then team Selectronic provides the full support package. Their LED displays will help you to stand head and shoulders above your competitors.
With nearly 40 years’ experience, Witney, Oxfordshire based Selectronic can push your business into the colourful spotlight with their products and expert knowledge.

Their LED floor and wall displays and screens and being used successfully by companies and event organisers for such events as exhibitions and concerts; they can also be seen in shopping malls, video walls, for messaging displays, in gambling and casino halls, and many public areas for sports or entertainment.

“One enquiry we have is for a wall display in a London tourist attraction.” said Selectronic MD Kevin Dry. “The fact that our product is flexible and tile shaped means they can be used in a variety ion applications, large or small.
“But we offer more than that with great design, an experienced and knowledgable back-up team, and expert customer service.”

For instance, the Selectronic floor LED display incorporates fast lock installation and dismantling which completely overthrows the traditional positioning pin, and a flat handle to ensure the flatness of the floor screen. The cabinet size is 500x500x65mm with a weight of 7.5kg and average consumption of 300W.
“Our team would be happy to discuss requirements with customers – we want to be able to have an input with advice while listening to what the customers require,” said Dry.
Selectronic marks 40 years in the field of LEDs in 2019, having built a reputation as experts in opto-electronic technologies. The company has a solid background with engineering resources and knowledge in their offices in the UK and in China. “Our dedicated team finds the best solution for any project in terms of price, performance and quality,” said Dry. “That dedication results in a bespoke solution that fulfils our customers’ requirements.

Selectronic are design partners and European distributors of LEDs partnering with a number of key players including Honglitronic. This strength of suppliers and customising resource allows the company to fully support customers across a diverse range of applications, including automotive and consumer products.
“This newly developed product is at the forefront of the ever-growing interest in large size LED flexible dot matrix panels,” added Dry.

Selectronic welcomes customers to visit and talk directly at their purpose built facility which provides full customer support including warehousing. There are excellent meeting and communication facilities on site to allow the full resources of the company and its suppliers to be called up in support of project design requirements.
For more information,

contact the Selectronic Sales Office on 01993 778 000 or email sales@selectronic.co.uk