Schlitz, Germany, 10th January 2018. The start of the new year is a time for setting fresh new resolutions and good habits for the months ahead, such as springing out of bed earlier or reading more in the evening. But with the Christmas festivities now over, and the long month of January with its short, drab days stretching out before us, the temptation to stay at home and hibernate until springtime can be hard to resist. Despite good intentions, it can be difficult to find the energy to face the daily challenges at home and at work at this time of year. However, suitable lighting and the right use of light colours can help enormously in kick-starting the new year with renewed energy., the online specialist for lamps and lighting shares its tips for a bright start to 2018.

Blue light for alertness and energy

Just as natural daylight can have an impact on wellbeing, clever use of artificial light can also have positive effects. Daylight white, often described as a cool, blue light, comes closest to natural daylight and can therefore be especially helpful when waking up. When light bulbs with a higher percentage of blue are used, the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin is slowed. For those who have difficulty getting out of bed in winter, a blue light can help “outsmart” the body. The blue light simulates daylight, making getting out of bed easier, much like on a bright summer’s day. A light colour of around 6,000 kelvins is ideal to overcome the morning lull. When the light shines from a large-surfaced source from above, the biological impact is strongest. Therefore LED panels with variable light colours are particularly effective. The light colour can be adapted via remote control to suit every situation and support the daily routine.

The perfect light for reading and learning

Also when working or learning, it’s recommended to use a light source with high proportion of blue tones (for example, 6,000 kelvins), as this can help concentration. When reading, or looking at photos and pictures, a natural white light (of around 4,000 kelvins) should be used, as this helps protect the eyes against fatigue and allows colours to appear in their truest form.

Red light calms and gives feeling of security

A warm white light, also known as a reddish light, gives a feeling of comfort that can lead to relaxation. This also reaches our subconscious to give a feeling of safety, because even our earliest ancestors gathered together around a warm fire to share a feeling of comfort and security. A feeling, that still seems to be firmly rooted in modern man today.

Fall asleep more easily

A good sleep is important in order to wake up refreshed in the morning. For those who like to read before bed, a light bulb with a warm light colour should be used in the bedside lamp or reading light. The comforting light helps one to relax and feel comfortable more quickly, making falling asleep easier. Here recommends a light colour of no more than 3,000 kelvins. A warm white light contains low levels of blue, which can positively impact the secretion of melatonin and lead to a peaceful feeling more quickly.

Lighting with dynamic light sources

As the light in the bedroom needs different characteristics in the morning than in the evening, using dynamic light sources can be a great way to adapt the lighting for every situation. The same goes for lighting in the kitchen and dining room. A blue light at breakfast can have an energising effect, while a red light during the evening creates a relaxing effect, thus helping to support the daily routine. The colour temperature of the futuristic Aurela pendant light can, for example, be individually regulated between warm white (2,700 K) and daylight (5,700 K) by remote control making it easily adaptable to all lighting needs.

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