Sanjit Bahra of Design Plus Light is an award winning lighting specialist with over 20 years experience in architectural lighting design. Lighting is the most important aspect of a bathroom, instantly transforming the appearance of a space at the touch of a button. Sanjit shares his expert tips on how to light a bathroom successfully.

A bathroom is the first place you visit every morning. One could argue that the mood created in bathrooms sets the tone for the rest of the day. Bathroom design has developed considerably over the years. Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces; clients love to create the opulence of 5* Hotels and Spas in their own home. They are equipped with technical wizardry integrated from high tech sound and AV, to steam room and spa facilities. Bathrooms are havens away from the stresses of everyday life and serve as a space for reflection and restoring wellbeing. The lighting needs to be perfect for each of these functions.

Lighting expert Sanjit Bahra shares his top tips for bathroom lighting;

Bathroom lighting needs to be considered depending on the function and time of day. Bathrooms are used at different points throughout the day, mainly in the morning and evening. Subsequently, the light levels and mood required in the day are often very different to that required last thing at night. Lighting in a bathroom ideally needs to be dimmable to create different moods for ultimate relaxation.
Various scene settings can be achieved, by ensuring the lighting is on dimmable circuits, from a bright and functional during the day to dimmed lighting for long and relaxing soaks in bathtub.

At Design Plus Light we like to make sure a “night light” is integrated into the design. This can be a simple floor washer in the shower/WC area or concealed LED strip under the basin cabinet. It is absolutely ideal for a bathroom night-light to be on its own circuit so you can enter the bathroom at night in a relaxing mood without illuminating the other lights.