Lighting Direct has already witnessed visits to its smart product pages double in the past 12 months (+110%) and sales of its smart bulb brands increase by 159%. Therefore the company is predicting a ‘smart summer’ as the trend for smart lighting progresses from tech obsessed individuals to a broader base of homeowners wanting their own personalised lighting experience – both indoors and outdoors.

These figures from Lighting Direct tally with research into screen-less voice-activated devices undertaken by RadioCentre which identified that 40% of UK households are expected to own a smart speaker or personal assistant in 2018, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Kathryn Middleton of Lighting Direct said: “The modern home is becoming more connected with tech devices than ever before and smart lighting is another feature set to become high up on the list of must-have gadgets in the home this year.

“Smart lighting is growing in popularity amongst homeowners, not only for its ability to deliver a bespoke balance and brightness of white or coloured lighting to suit any moment, but also for the fact it can be set in accordance with schedules/timers, making for a genuinely helpful and less power hungry alternative to traditional light bulbs.”

Philips Hue
Already a WiZ, iDual and Awox retailer, has now bolstered its smart home offering with the nation’s go-to connected lighting system from Philips Hue. The latter being specially selected for its seamless flexibility in offering smartphone-controlled lighting that can be synced with voice activated assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home to offer a fully immersive lighting experience.

Kathryn Middleton continued: “Philips Hue is an incredibly useful and versatile lighting product, but to realise its full potential owners should first check they have the right foundation on which to build a connected lighting ecosystem. From a technical point of view, users should check they have adequate Wi-Fi coverage in the rooms where the lights will be used – smart lights are only ‘smart’ when they are connected to the internet, after all. Also, because most smart lights require owners to use a smartphone app during setup, and for managing settings such as grouping and naming devices, checking device compatibility prior to purchase is advised.”

Five fun uses of smart lighting
As well as offering owners many practical benefits, such as turning on lighting remotely before arriving at home, or turning off lights after leaving, smart lighting users are also utilising third party applications to enjoy a more frivolous side to this new tech, such as:

Setting the lighting in a living room to flash in your football team’s colour when they score a goal
Setting the lighting to change colour based on the weather
Setting the lighting to just the right level of colour temperature and warmth to help your child fall asleep
Setting the lighting to wake you up in the morning like the sun rising
Setting the lighting to flash when you receive a text message or email

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