Dublin-based tech startup, Lightly Technologies, are offering investors a unique opportunity to be a part of the future of lighting, through an equity crowdfunding campaign of £250,000 via Crowdcube.

Founded in 2016, Lightly Technologies is a cleantech, hardware startup developing innovative, ultra-thin, LED light source, essentially a tile producing a surface of white light. A client of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish state-supported agency for high potential startups, Lightly Technologies produces the ideal light source for modern luminaires. Combining the slim style of OLED lighting with the performance benefits of LED technology, Lightly Technologies aims to bring beautiful yet functional light to designers and architects.

The capital raised through the Crowdcube campaign will enable Lightly Technologies to set up the production line for their flagship product, Hikari SQ, and begin mass production. Lightly Technologies has ambitious growth plans into Europe, with expansion to the Sales and Marketing divisions as well as a dedicated Engineering team to work on future product generations of their ultra-thin LED lighting technology.

Flagship product, Hikari SQ, is where performance meets design, offering the slimline appearance of OLED lighting but with the performance of LED technology. Hikari SQ produces an exceptional quality of light, with a truly functional light output, at high efficacy and with an impressive product lifetime. The lightweight module is fully dimmable and controllable using standard LED drivers and is simple to design into lighting fixtures and luminaires. This enables complete creative freedom for designers to create elegant, yet functional, modern lighting fixture designs and architectural installations. In February 2018 Lightly Technologies released developer kits of their Hikari SQ technology, ahead of their scheduled production launch in June 2018.

Founder, Matt Hanbury, comments ‘We developed Hikari SQ having been inspired by the lighting fixture designs with OLED lighting but underwhelmed by the performance of the technology. We realised that there was a gap in the marketplace for ultra-thin, modern lighting fixture designs that perform, and that a paradigm shift was needed. Ultra-thin surface light sources don’t have to use OLED technology, and by leveraging my experience in the smartphone displays industry, I developed Hikari SQ. Put simply, Hikari SQ enables a new generation of lighting fixture design for stunning interior design and architecture ’.

Brian Charman, Co-Founder, Lightly Technologies adds ‘Investing in Lightly Technologies will help bring this innovative technology to market and embrace a new generation of lighting fixture design. It’s a really exciting time to get involved as we launch lighting’s next big thing as part of a pioneering future product roadmap’.

The Lightly Technologies CrowdCube page can be found at www.crowdcube.com/lightlyWatch: Lightly Technologies – Crowdcube Pitch Video