Work is changing. Stereotypical offices are a thing of the past and home offices are now a part of everyday life in many industries. There is also a rising recognition that positive working environments enhance productivity – and lighting is firmly on the agenda.

Flexible teams, project work, agile workspaces are just a few buzzwords flying around today’s offices. Our intensive focus on results is matched only by our increasing awareness of the impact of our working environments. Studies have shown that more positive workspaces give employees greater satisfaction, motivation and efficiency.

Advantages of proper lighting planning
Open space environments and flexible office concepts are the biggest challenge in lighting design. Those who master this task benefit from a number of advantages. Lighting that can be controlled by individuals lays the foundation for fatigue-free working. It increases productivity and satisfaction, which in turn reduces sick days. From an economic viewpoint, state-of-the-art LED light sources provide an efficient, maintenance-free, energy-saving and cost-minimizing solution.

What is good work light?
Light has a significant influence on many processes inside the body. That’s because it affects the production of various hormones. For example, the sleep hormone melatonin, which ensures that we relax in the evening and glide into a restful sleep.
Everyone has their own daily rhythm, which is largely controlled by natural daylight. We spend much of our time indoors and a lack of regular exposure to light disrupts our daily rhythm. Modern LED lighting, such as LUCTRA®, can almost completely replicate the natural course of daylight, thus ensuring a balanced day-night rhythm.

We are all unique

In the past, offices were dark and cramped. Now offices are designed to be brighter, but having ‘bright’ light is simply not enough. Surveys have shown that neutral or warmer light (less blue) is perceived as more pleasant. Plus, we are all unique with each individual preferring a different light colour and brightness. Just as we have ergonomic chairs which can be adjusted to each user’s preferences, we can now give each user control of their workspace lighting.

Control via app

The user interface is at the heart of all technology. LUCTRA® light colour and intensity can be intuitively adjusted using the touch panel or an app. After answering five questions about your daily routine, the app can also create an individual light curve which controls the brightness and colour of the light throughout the day automatically. Simple.

Box out quote – “Just as we have ergonomic chairs which can be adjusted to each user’s preferences, we can now give each user control of their workspace lighting.”