Whether you enjoy a relaxed hour of reading under your favourite tree, dinner on your rooftop terrace or enjoying a glass of wine with friends on your balcony – the mobile LUCTRA® FLEX lamp creates a pleasant atmosphere on warmer Spring evenings.

When you’re outdoors, it’s often difficult to find the right lighting for every occasion. The ideal solution is the mobile lamp LUCTRA® FLEX which provides good light exactly where it is needed. It runs on battery power and can be used for more than 25 hours before it needs to be recharged. With its convenient weight of less than 2 kg and a height of about 130 cm, it’s so easy to take this cable-less lamp with you and place it wherever you go.

LUCTRA® FLEX can closely simulate natural daylight. Using the intuitive touch panel, you can easily adjust the colour and intensity of the light to your personal needs and comfort. So, you can create good light for reading or a cosy lighting atmosphere for your hours of relaxation in the open air.

As the lamp head is also rotatable by 180° FLEX can be used for indirect lighting as well. The mobile lamp is available in four colours; orange, black, white and aluminium.

LUCTRA® FLEX has received the ICONIC Award and the German Design Award for its functionality and modern minimalist design.