Luxologie is delighted to announce the arrival of Chiara Bertolaja from Milan, as a permanent associate at its London-based lighting design consultancy.
Bertolaja joins Tim Fonfara, founder and director of Luxologie, working initially on two large, hi-spec residential lighting projects in London NW3. “We’re very fortunate to welcome a designer as distinguished as Chiara Bertolaja, and our company can only benefit from her expertise and experience,” said Tim. Bertolaja was senior lecturer in Lighting Design at Milan Polytechnic for years – leading a course, which became so popular with international students that they had to conduct the course in the English language. Consequently, the majority of Italy’s newly qualified lighting designers are her former students. Bertolaja’s first professional engagement as a design graduate was with the engineer Mario Bonomo, the “father” of Italian lighting design whose projects include the Vatican Museum and San Marco’s in Venice. “I learned everything from him,” Bertolajasaid. Her first project with Bonomo was lighting the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi. “It went on from there and it was a revelation. You can imagine. I stayed for 17 years as an associate, and during that time I worked with other designers such as Marco Pollice and Carlotta De Bevilacqua,” she said. Consequently, she is expert in all facets of lighting design, including the lighting of bridges, and tunnels. “The only facets of lighting I am not expert in are lighting for the Theatre and Art Installations.” Following the state of the Italian economy in recent years, Bertolaja is delighted with the opportunities she finds in London. “In Italy at the moment, design possibilities are totally limited by budgets. In England it’s the complete opposite.” Recent Luxologie projects include the lime-washed brick and glass extension to a London townhouse, designed by Erbar Mattes Architects for a family of four, (Dezeen, October 16, 2016). Luxologie works mostly in exclusive residential areas of London such as Belgravia, Chelsea, Hampstead, Regent’s Park, Kensington and the City. Luxologie is also one of the UK agents for Viabizzuno lighting products, although their lighting plans are created independently and with no obligation to any one brand.