Macchina della Luce, undoubtedly one of the most spectacular creations by Catellani & Smith, has been developed after studying and reflecting on the colour of light, particularly on the warm light of the sun and fire, which have been expressed through the preciousness of gold, a delight to the eye.
It is an example of how a lamp can become a work of art, like a sculpture, and how a structure seems almost to “imprison” light, by shaping its shadow and create enchanting and evocative atmospheres.
Macchina della luce is made of several aluminum discs of different sizes, to be positioned in order of descending size, entirely covered with a gold-colored leaf, hand-applied. It is a timeless icon, also available in silver and copper finishes, which has been up-graded with a new LED module, that has been designed specifically by Catellani & Smith to ensure a highest lighting performance and to obtain a much richer perception than the classic halogen bulb.
Thanks to its extraordinary scenographic performance, Macchina della Luce has been selected for important contract projects, such as the lighting project of Casa Batllò, an authentic wonder of the Spanish Modernism, or the Teatro Sociale di Camogli, that reopened last year after 40 years of inactivity.