LUCTRA® is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Workplace Trends Spring Summit 2017 which is being held at Kings Place, London on Wednesday 22nd March.
Now in its 15th year, the conference highlights the connections between health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace and the event is jam-packed with thought provoking talks on current hot topics of wellbeing and productivity with new research and case study-driven presentations from industry experts.
LUCTRA®, the workplace lighting specialist will be in attendance to speak to delegates about their scientifically proven range of LED lamps, of which the biological effect of the light has been proven in a clinical study led by Dr. Dieter Kunz. Using the latest LED technology, LUCTRA® makes it possible to imitate natural daylight with a broad light spectrum ranging from cold white light (6,500 kelvin) to warm white light (2,700 kelvin). Cold white light is present most in nature during the morning, triggering a high performance level and supporting an individual’s ability to concentrate. In contrast, warm white evening light stimulates the production of the endogenous hormone melatonin, which helps us to relax and prepares us for sleep.
LUCTRA®’s biologically effective lighting has been designed for both commercial and residential use and by using LUCTRA®, the user’s circadian rhythm can be stabilised resulting in healthier sleep patterns, more energy and enhanced performance during the day.
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There is still time to register to attend Workplace Trends. Visit to book your place.