Following Europe and the Middle East, for the first time LUCTRA® has sent a signal towards America and Canada with its participation in Chicago’s annual event to celebrate of the world of work, design and creativity.
“Our conversations and experiences in Chicago have once again encouraged us. Interior designers and architects are currently looking for suitable solutions for biophilic design”, says Brune. “We were excited about the great interest on site.”

LUCTRA® exhibited in the Inscape Showroom at NeoCon in Chicago. “We wanted to create something special for NeoCon: an immersive biophilic habitat with products and technologies that go beyond the usual low-hanging fruit, green walls and large windows. The LUCTRA® luminaires were a cool element for our space”, said David Gerson, Vice President Marketing Inscape.

In addition to integrating natural elements such as daylight, plants and natural materials into the working environment, the internationally acclaimed exhibition also provided further inspiration such as flexible workplaces and processes. In addition, more colours came into play, such as smoky tones in blue, grey and green-turquoise as well as colour kicks in lemon, orange and red. “We take these inspirations with us. In autumn, we would like to expand our range of colours”, says Brune.