V-Pro MultiPoint is an extension of Varilight’s industry-leading V-Pro LED dimmer series to enable dimming from multiple switch locations. The new MultiPoint Touch master dimmer can be used with any number of dimming slaves, ideal on a stairway or in an open-plan living space when the same lights are controlled from more than one switch location in a 2-way or multi-way circuit.

MultiPoint Touch is launched alongside MultiPoint Remote (formerly known as Eclique2), where the master dimmer can also be controlled via an IR remote controller, such as Varilight’s dedicated handsets. The Varilight YRE8 handset offers enhanced control with scene-setting capabilities when the lighting in a particular room is split across more than one circuit.

Both the MultiPoint Touch and MultiPoint Remote master dimmers are powered by V-Pro dimming technology and rated at 0-100W for dimmable LED lighting. V-Pro dimmers have three dimming modes on board with additional features such as minimum brightness adjustment to optimise the performance of an LED load.

The master dimmer and slave unit are purchased separately so that any number of touch control dimming slaves can be added to one master dimmer, using standard 3-core and earth cabling.

V-Pro MultiPoint Touch dimmers are being launched in Varilight’s white range, while V-Pro MultiPoint Remote dimmers are offered across the multitude of Varilight decorative finishes as well.