A team from Osram and BMW has been nominated for the renowned President’s Prize for
Technology and Innovation
Today, Osram and BMW were nominated for the 2016 German Future Prize for their
project “Laser light in cars – throwing light on a safer future.” The prize is awarded
in recognition of outstanding technical, engineering or scientific innovations. The two companies worked together to develop a light source and headlight technology for a laser high beam which is already in use on the BMW i8 and BMW 7 series cars.
“We are delighted about the nomination and being among the ‘best of the best.’ Our two teams recognized early the enormous potential of the innovation and quickly managed to turn our joint vision into reality,” said Carsten Setzer, Head of Automotive Lamps at Osram and spokesman of the project team.
Christian Amann, Head of Lighting Systems at BMW added: “Rigorous project management, commitment to succeed and constant growth from a customer/supplier relationship to a solid and lasting partnership all made crucialcontributions to the success of the project.”

Brighter light improves road safety

In combination with other driver assistance functions, laser light technology, with ranges of
up to 600 meters, provides much better visibility for drivers at night and therefore makes a
significant contribution to road safety. Additionally, Osram and BMW have implemented an
integrated fail-safe system that prevents blue laser light from being emitted in the event of
a malfunction, crash or manipulation. This is guaranteed by multiple redundant safety

Promising prospects

For laser technology to be a sustainable and successful option in road traffic, there needs
to be a high level of usage. Current developments by Osram and BMW are therefore
focusing on reducing costs and simplifying module design. The two companies are working
on the interplay between safety, comfort, energy efficiency and design. Osram has already
developed further generations of laser technology which will soon be installed in other
vehicle models, and BMW is planning to install laser light in a number of series cars which
will be updated in the next few years.
Additional applications in other forms of transportation are conceivable, such as in aircraft,
ships and trains. Also, the healthcare and entertainment sectors will benefit from this
technology in the future.

A contest between outstanding technologies

The German Future Prize, presented annually, is a national award given in recognition of
outstanding innovations. Now in its 20th year, the award was designed to draw the attention
of the public to the powers of innovation in Germany and to highlight the relationship
between technical innovations and the creation of jobs.
On Nov. 30, 2016, the President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, will present one of the three
nominated teams with the 2016 German Future Prize.
For more information on the German Future Prize, go to www.deutscher-zukunftspreis.de
and for details of the team from Osram and BMW, go to http://201509-presse.deutscherzukunftspreis.de/download/jahrgaenge/2016/team3.