From 27 to 30 January 2018, DURABLE will take part in a special exhibition “Future Office” at this year’s Paperworld in Frankfurt. There, the renowned manufacturer of presentation and organisation products will showcase its innovative new range of tablet holders introduced in 2017 as well as its LUCTRA® lamps for workplace lighting.

Five different models from the TABLET HOLDER range will be displayed which provide an attractive solution for the great variety of scenarios where tablets are used.

The LUCTRA® TABLE PRO desktop lamp is DURABLE’s answer to the rising demand for good, healthy lighting. LUCTRA® provides the ideal light for work since it can be adjusted to the personal needs of every user. With the control system provided by an app, the user’s individual light settings can be transmitted to every LUCTRA® lamp. In this way, LUCTRA® supports concentrated work without being confined to a fixed workplace.

Jonathan Brune, the LUCTRA® Project Leader, will also deliver a presentation entitled “Good light for good work – biologically effective lighting at the workplace: expert advice and marketing of the light factor”, on 28 January 2018 from 11.15 to 11.45, as part of the Trade Day presentation programme.

Our working world is changing. Our occupational tasks are being redefined virtually every day, as are our processes and the tools we use. ‘Future Office’ in hall 3 deals with this theme and examines current working trends with a special emphasis on the ‘healthy office’. A new feature in 2018 is an additional exhibition area within the show, where brand manufacturers can present their products.

DURABLE has been a reliable partner supplying professional office products for almost a century. Through consistent development of universal concepts, DURABLE offers excellent solutions, which help users to perform their daily tasks in a professional way today and in the future.