From June 11th to July 10th the photo show dedicated to the author of The Floating Piers

The picturesque location “Le Palafitte” in Sulzano di Iseo hosts the show of the photo shoots made by Wolfgang Volz dedicated to the work of Christo and Jeanne Claude.

The event supervised by Renato Gentile presents 15 projects among the most important ones of the artistic career of the authors of the Floating Piers, through the lens of the German documentarist.

Platek lights were chosen to illuminate the magical atmosphere of this unique and original location, situated on the waters of Lake Iseo, surrounded by large windows dialoguing with the landscape.

A strategic place from which to admire The Floating Piers work, the building takes the most typical connotation of the water floating architectures, offering an exclusive and clearly metaphorical point of view.

To respond in a timely manner to the needs required by the project, namely to increase emotion, to emphasize forms and to define the contours, Platek has selected some of its latest collections to lighten the structure:

ETEREA, contemporary reinterpretation of traditional outdoor lanterns, located along the perimeter of the building;

SLIM, bollard with essential design and neat style which lead the gaze and the steps of the visitor along the walkway which leads to the entrance of the show

FLAMINGO, the innovative and modern floor lamp placed in the short entry path leading into the building.

Not only design and aesthetic pleasure characterize the lighting collections selected for the event, but also lighting performance and energy saving by using the latest-generation LED sources and materials of highest quality.

With this new synergy, Platek confirms the winning combination between light and art, which, for several years, characterizes among other ideas, the multiple interventions of the company located in Rodengo Saiano in the Italian cultural field.