L’Occitane en Provence, the new flagship store in New York, offers an outstanding example of a new concept in shopping, bringing together an innovative design that combines the retail experience with a theatrical twist. The design incorporates contemporary interpretations of typical Provençal scenes into distinct shopping areas. Reggiani’s Yori light fittings have helped recreate these scenes within the store interior while creating a single, cohesive journey for the customer.

The entrance and “greeting” areas take design cues from a French town square and the space is bright and inviting with an open, flexible layout which draws the customer in. Both entrance and storefront windows incorporate Reggiani’s Yori projector with its high CRI LED light source to help direct attention to colourful product displays and emphasizes the vibrant palette of the branding. Perimeter displays are evenly washed with light focused through ribbed glass lenses while narrow beam reflectors accent floor podiums and signage. The lighting track itself is suspended within a ceiling trellis where continually changing seasonal decorations are hung.

The “hospitality” area at the journey’s natural end emulates the ambiance of a private courtyard and instills feelings of tranquility and relaxation. Light from above is gently filtered through the abstracted form of a tree canopy while feature elements are lit using a combination of two different Yori projectors (Ø60mm and Ø95mm). The larger Yori highlights the colourful wall display of hand cream, reminiscent of an impressionist mural, while the smaller Yori are focused directly downward, accenting the hand bar and central tree.
Design concept and lighting combine to entice the customer on an inquisitive journey through a natural progression of interconnected, welcoming and rewarding scenes that gradually reveal the sensory secrets of the entire store like a theatrical experience.