The ultimate common goal for affianced couples, wedding planners and agencies, is simple yet incredibly complex: making a very special day unique for both the hosts and their guests. Recognising this simple yet incredibly complex objective, French manufacturer Airstar has developed a full range of ravishing lighting balloons and inflatable solutions to ensure a truly inimitable and exclusive wedding.

With the launch of the Crystal Dynamic White (DW), Airstar has now completed a dedicated range of lighting solutions and inflatable structures which will decorate and illuminate venues as well as entertain the newly-weds and their guests on the big day.

The Airstar Crystal DW is an all-in-one quiet, dimmable and flicker-free LED lighting balloon. The DMX-controlled lighting balloon boasts a luminous flux of 50,000 lumens, creating shadow and glare-free, efficient lighting of areas up to 2000 square metres.

Airstar’s DW can be installed within minutes to provide a subdued light on a terrace. It can be used as the main source of light, giving an aesthetic feel to the dinner reception. Additionally, it can be used as an entertaining feature to animate the evening.

Building on two decades of experience in the cinema industry – Airstar has been lighting iconic movie sets such as Titanic, Mission Impossible and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few – the Airstar DW and Gaffair lighting balloons are also widely acknowledged by wedding photographers and videographers looking for a professional lighting solution.

For weddings where glamorous lighting and stunning decoration are an essential aspect, Airstar developed a dedicated range of lighting solutions of various sizes and shapes – spheres, stars, tubes, cones, heart, sunshade, etc. – which can be deployed on the ground, in the air and even on water.

Entertainment is at the heart of every wedding, and Airstar also offers a very exclusive range of unique solutions, including huge transparent bubbles which can hosts DJs and musicians, as well as gigantic elliptic shaped helium balloons which will make for a breath-taking and unforgettable outdoor aerial show.

Airstar’s sales director, Xavier Ponson, commented: “Dozens of event agencies specialised in weddinds have already made Airstar their preferred provider, recognising the superiority of their solutions in terms of performance, customisation, simple usage and versatility. They are simple and fast to install, and work on standard mains supply. Some products are also self-powered, and can be remotely controlled to match the highlights of the day.”

Most products are also entirely customisable with stickers, coloured envelopes, digital printing, regardless of their shapes.

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