Shuffle Security brings enhanced safety and security options to LED lighting networks
Features include 360-degree CCTV, SOS intercom and light ring to improve safety via smart lighting columns
See Schréder at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona (13-15 November): Stand E567

Liège, Belgium, 9th November 2018: Schréder, the leading independent outdoor lighting manufacturer in the world, today launches Shuffle Security – a fully customisable lighting column that combines a range of safety features to deliver reliable and improved security to any lit environment. Alongside high-performing LED lighting and wireless connectivity, the Shuffle can be configured to include a number of additional safety features which include:
Two-way intercom: this allows direct contact with security personnel at the touch of a button, connecting the public to those tasked with keeping them safe. The intercom can be integrated into the Shuffle at a convenient height for emergency use and provides crystal clear audio with active background noise cancellation. It can also be deployed as a SOS button to quickly alert relevant authorities of anti-social or criminal activities
Surveillance camera: Shuffle site can accommodate a full HD resolution camera with image optimisation, event triggering and motion detection. Options include a fully integrated IP camera or an external 360-degree motorised camera on a bracket suitable for a wide range of pan-tilt-zoom camera’s from AXIS Communications.
Light ring: a discreet light ring that can change colour to denote different actions (for example: directing crowds; alerting emergency services; identifying incidents). Activation can be automated or remotely managed
Wi-Fi: bandwidth can be dedicated to emergency services or local authority use. Available as a wireless or wired network connection, Wi-Fi connectivity can be integrated into a lighting system or used as a stand-alone module.
Nicolas Keutgen, Chief Innovation Officer at Schréder, commented: “Citizens have a right to feel safe and secure wherever they are and lighting has always played an important role in providing that peace of mind. The Shuffle further enhances LED lighting networks with state-of-the-art security tools that can help local authorities discourage anti-social or criminal behavior and play a key role in creating vibrant, prosperous and inclusive environments.”

Shuffle can be deployed in urban and residential environments; at sporting or entertainment venues where large crowds gather; alongside public transport networks or in transport hubs such as stations; and in retail environments to enhance public safety.

Shuffle is further enhanced with advanced camera analytics which are provided in partnership with video surveillance specialists, Genetec. These include: live analysis of traffic congestion; parking space management; crowd density; and intrusion detection.

By also partnering with wireless network experts Ruckus, the Shuffle is capable of providing Wi-Fi analytics that enable a better understanding of how people use the surrounding environment. This information includes footfall (by time and day) as well as repeat visitor information.

“Shuffle enhances lighting with an array of advanced security functions that can be analysed and optimised for public safety,” continues Keutgen. “The modular nature of the lighting column enables local authorities and private organisations to choose the exact requirements that deliver the right connected solution for the location.”