Schréder, the global leader in LED lighting solutions, today announces a partnership agreement with international electronics corporation Panasonic, to co-develop new solutions that will accelerate the transformation of Smart Cities.

The two industry leading companies will share their expertise and knowledge to develop digital solutions and transform existing lighting infrastructure into an integrated Smart City platform.

Schréder is the global leader in smart lighting solutions incorporating LED technology and control systems that help towns and cities manage lighting networks in a more efficient and effective way.

In 2015 Schréder launched the Shuffle by Schréder, an interactive lighting column combining state-of-the-art LED technology with multiple connected services including cameras, speakers, internet connectivity and a range of charging applications. The new partnership agreement will see Schréder integrating sensors, cameras, and software applications from Panasonic into its luminaires.

Nicolas Keutgen, Chief Innovation Officer of the Schréder Group, explains, “Smart Cities are looking for infrastructure that will support the move towards a more sustainable model of urban society while meeting environmental targets and improving the quality of life for their residents.”

Keutgen continues: “This partnership brings two international technology brands together to deliver connected lighting systems that will enable towns and cities to not only save energy and reduce costs, but to reinvest these economies to provide a secure environment with a range of services that will make life better for their citizens.”