Sylvania’s HSX G2 retrofit LED luminaires and controls have been installed across 40.000sq ft at leading Italian supermarket, D&P, providing an energy saving of up to 70%. The project has been funded by a five-year Logic Smarter Finance plan, which covers the supply, install and maintenance of the fixtures and remote monitoring system, and will be 90% funded by the energy savings made by the lighting upgrade.

Part of the CONAD Group based in the Campania region of Southern Italy, the supermarket provides groceries and staple goods to the area’s local community. Faced with rising energy bills as a result of an aging and inefficient lighting system, the company wanted to move away from traditional lighting and commissioned electrical installer, TECNEL srl, to suggest an alternative, more energy efficient approach with a suitable leasing plan.

Sylvania worked with TECNEL srl to design and install the lighting upgrade which included high performance LED luminaires and controls across the supermarket’s store, offices, warehouse and underground parking. The main energy savings are delivered from the conversion to a single 58W solution, halving the original power consumption. Coupled with lighting controls and a remote monitoring system, the store owner is now able to monitor its energy usage via a dedicated server. They can also remotely fine-tune lighting levels in line with daylight hours and usage.

Giuseppe Adinolfi, owner of TECNEL srl commented; “The conventional lighting system across the store was expensive, old, and failing to provide adequate lighting. Sylvania was able to demonstrate not only the significant energy and cost savings that could be made by switching to LED, but also how the low-glare design of the HSX would improve the quality of light distribution throughout the site. The system was incredibly simple and quick to install, helping us to complete the project in good time with minimal disruption to the store operations.”

Traditional trunking systems are made up of multiple component parts which can be challenging to order and install. The HSX G2 is a direct retrofit solution that has been purpose designed as one complete electrical unit which can quickly and easily be clipped onto the existing trunking system. Featuring optional DALI dimming and 50,000 hours average rated life, the HSX G2, on average, offers 50% energy savings versus traditional trunking systems.

Sylvania’s Logic financing solution enables customers to invest in, or upgrade, lighting infrastructure through a self-funding hire purchase, shared savings or Lighting-as-a-Service model. Supermarket D&P opted for a self-funding financial lease model that was backed by Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) Italy S.p.a.

Avv. Eustachio De Piano, Store Manager / general manager at Supermercati D&P, added; “In a competitive retail market, we want to ensure we provide our customers with a well lit and comfortable atmosphere as they browse and make their purchasing decisions. Sylvania’s new lighting system has given us greater design flexibility as we are able to quickly change the layout of the store or products, while maintaining the same quality and distribution of light without adjusting the light fixtures.

“The energy savings, coupled with the fantastic financial package brought to us by a very reputable financial institution, meant this was a quick and easy decision to make. With the new control and monitoring system, I can easily get real-time insights on usage, costs and failures and adjust the lighting to make the most of daylight schedules. We look forward to gathering more data over the coming months to better understand the benefits and how they might be applied to other stores.”

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