Sylvania has launched a new extensive range of highly-efficient LED emergency lighting luminaires for use across applications including retail, office and logistics and industrial environments. SylSafe has been designed to light the way for emergency teams, residents, employees and visitors in the event of an evacuation and highlight the location of safety equipment.

Compliant with the European standard for emergency lighting, EN 1838:2013, the SylSafe range encompasses spotlights across a variety of lighting distributions, including: general emergency illumination tasks, exit signs for escape route marking, high-bay luminaires for high ceiling industrial applications and a remote emergency monitoring system.

The SylSafe range of self-contained luminaires is available with three hours duration as standard. The range can be operated as a stand-alone auto-test system in line with EN 50172 and BS: EN 60234 or, taken to the next level, can be centrally and remotely monitored with scheduled testing thanks to the range’s innovative emergency monitoring system.

Richard Turner, General Manager, EMEA Verticals Business Unit for Sylvania, says: “Emergency lighting products aren’t just another form of lighting luminaire. They are vital to a safe working environment. The critical nature of their use demands that they’re reliable, fit for purpose and compliant with the required standards. The problem is that despite the legal and moral obligation to not only install but, importantly, maintain emergency lighting, broken or inadequate emergency lighting continues to cause concern across the industry.

“Not maintaining or testing emergency lighting to the relevant standard simply isn’t acceptable. Why jeopardise the lives of your building’s occupants and leave yourself open to increasingly severe financial penalties? With that in mind, tightening safety regulations and the availability of the SylSafe range, presents the ideal opportunity for change. What’s more, with LOGIC, our smart financing solution now is the time to review, refurbish or retrofit your emergency lighting.”

Available in recessed, surface and track mounted formats, SylSafe Spots are luminaires for use in emergency illumination areas such as corridors and high risk areas such as fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment. The SylSafe Twin Spot, available in a surface mounted version, has been designed for large open areas and high ceiling applications.

Also available in recessed, surface and wall mounting, SylSafe Exit signs are emergency lighting luminaires for escape route marking. All SylSafe Exit signs come with ISO7010 compliant legend packs which are also available as accessories. EX versions can also be purchased with a rotatable blade, allowing for an angled installation.

The IP65 rated SylSafe Bay are luminaires for high ceiling industrial applications. Available in a surface mounted version, SylSafe Bay offers up to five different light distributions for height flexibility. SylSafe Bay also protects against water or moisture ingress in hard to access areas.

The range’s innovative emergency monitoring system, SylSafe N-Light, collects real-time data from all emergency lighting equipment linked to the system via a standardised DALI protocol. SylSafe N-Light operates in isolation with an intuitive touch screen interface. Additionally, it contains long-life replacement batteries which ensure power failure doesn’t affect the performance of the system. With compliance not an achievement but a continuous process, the N-Light enables the entire SylSafe range to carry out regular automated tests, eliminating the need for labour-intensive testing thus increasing uptime.