Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s largest privately owned lighting manufacturers, has welcomed the move by the EU Parliament which seeks to continue the drive towards meeting the EU’s Energy Union ambitions and reinforce efficiency in the building sector, and comments that “this was not unexpected” and, in so doing, the EU Parliament has come “in line with UK regulations”.

Stephen Biggs, Technical Manager at Tamlite comments: “We welcome the drive towards more energy-efficient buildings and use of smart technologies, particularly within the retrofit market.

“These updates to the Directive will see building managers start to use the technology that is already available, to its full potential for energy monitoring and get the best savings possible. We will also see more rapid development of IoT platforms, LiFi and scalable solutions for individual customers’ needs.”

The building sector, which is the largest single energy consumer in Europe, accounts for around 40% of final energy usage and the new proposals will target the renovation of buildings, and the creation of smarter energy systems for new buildings.

Welcome revisions
The European Commission has highlighted a number of achievements with the vote on the Energy Performance of Buildings directive. In particular, the revised directive:
· Advocates for the use of smart technologies to introduce automation and control systems which could ensure buildings operate efficiently;
· Creates a smart readiness indicator which can measure a building’s capacity to integrate new technologies;
· Integrates and strengthens building renovation strategies;
· Supports the introduction of new infrastructure for e-mobility in new buildings; and
· Establishes a path towards zero-emissions buildings by 2050, incorporating national roadmaps.

Mr Biggs concludes, “At Tamlite, our expert design team are focused on providing energy efficient solutions for our customers. Also, we will soon launch IoT platforms, which will meet all the EU Parliament’s objectives. In addition, these will bring customers the next level of lighting control to meet their specific requirements, from small rooms to larger buildings and multi-site applications.”