The living room often has multiple functions: be it dinner with friends, a cosy evening watching TV with the family, or a romantic night in with a glass of wine, the lighting requirements can vary greatly. A dimmable light fixture creates the right level of brightness and the perfect lighting mood whatever the occasion.

Light switch instead of dimmer

Generally speaking, dimming means changing the brightness level of a lighting fixture – something made particularly easy with EasyDim technology. EasyDim lights can be dimmed via a conventional toggle switch, without the need for special accessories. As soon as the light is switched on, the same switch can be used for dimming.

To do this, simply press the switch twice in quick succession. Once pressed, the brightness level will gradually drop from 100% to just ten per cent of its full light output. A brightness level somewhere along the scale can be selected by pressing the switch again twice at the desired point.

Save energy through dimming

The light is supplied with only as much energy as is required for the selected setting. This means that not only do EasyDim lights provide a cosy lighting solution, they also save on energy and money. The lights are equipped with modern, energy-efficient bulbs that can easily be replaced when necessary.

EasyDim lights in countless designs

Dimmable lighting fixtures are playing an increasingly important function in modern interior design due to the flexibility they offer in creating the right atmosphere. Modern LED technology can be used to create completely different living situations: Whether it’s a cosy evening of reading, a romantic dinner for two or a birthday party with friends – the room is showered in the desired light in a matter of seconds.

The EasyDim lights are available in numerous designs and the various fixtures can be cleverly combined with each other: pendant lights for the kitchen and dining room, spotlights and spots for the corridor or bathroom and LED ceiling lights for the living room provide optimum, pleasant light. EasyDim lights thus lend a personal touch to every room and skillfully set the furniture in scene.

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