Our installation for the high street retailer using the translucent Stretch Ceiling material with our Quadlink LED lighting achieved outstanding even illumination.
It was imperative for such a big store to stand out amongst all the other retail units at the Bullring Birmingham; with over 200 square metres of the Stretch fabric and our QuadLink 4000K Neutral White LED lighting across 2 floors we are proud to say this goal has certainly been achieved.
The lightweight and accessible translucent material offers 75% light transmission, and our flexible daisy chain advanced LED modular system provides energy efficiency, long life and reliability – a perfect combination.
The complete stretch and lighting system can be installed quickly on site following pre-assembly and testing in our workshop to create an even monolithic lighting effect.
If you require more information, please view our Stretch Ceilings website www.stretchceilings.co.uk and our lighting specific website www.monolithiclighting.com